RNA processing

RNA processing
процессинг РНК
процесс созревания эукариотической РНК

English-Russian Biotechnology Glossary. . 2007.

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  • RNA-Processing — ⇒ Processing …   Deutsch wörterbuch der biologie

  • RNA processing — Modifications of primary RNA trancripts including splicing, cleavage, base modification, capping and the addition of poly A tails. See also RNA editing …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • RNA processing — modification of a primary transcript to create a functional RNA molecule; alterations vary by type of RNA and between prokaryotes and eukaryotes but include trimming of the ends, addition of a 5′ cap and a polyadenylate tail, removal of… …   Medical dictionary

  • RNA polymerase II — (also called RNAP II and Pol II) is an enzyme found in eukaryotic cells. It catalyzes the transcription of DNA to synthesize precursors of mRNA and most snRNA and microRNA. [cite journal | author = Kronberg, R.D. | title = Eukaryotic… …   Wikipedia

  • Processing — Processing, RNA Processing, Reifung eines primären Transkripts zur funktionstüchtigen tRNA, rRNA oder mRNA. P. umfasst verschiedene Vorgänge, u.a. das ⇒ Spleißen bei eukaryotischer tRNA, rRNA und mRNA oder bei der Entstehung eukaryotischer mRNA… …   Deutsch wörterbuch der biologie

  • RNA — For other uses, see RNA (disambiguation). A hairpin loop from a pre mRNA. Highlighted are the nucleobases (green) and the ribose phosphate backbone (blue). Ribonucleic acid (English pronunciation: /raɪbɵ.njuːˌkleɪ.ɨk ˈæsɪd/), or RNA, is one of… …   Wikipedia

  • RNA interference — (RNAi) is a mechanism that inhibits gene expression at the stage of translation or by hindering the transcription of specific genes. RNAi targets include RNA from viruses and transposons (significant for some forms of innate immune response), and …   Wikipedia

  • RNA-induced silencing complex — RNA induced silencing complex, or RISC, is a multi protein siRNA complex which cleaves (incoming viral) dsRNA and binds short antisense RNA strands which are then able to bind complementary strands. When it finds the complementary strand, it… …   Wikipedia

  • RNA polymerase III — (also called Pol III) transcribes DNA to synthesize ribosomal 5S rRNA, tRNA and other small RNAs. The genes transcribed by RNA Pol III fall in the category of housekeeping genes whose expression is required in all cell types and most… …   Wikipedia

  • RNA splicing — In molecular biology and genetics, splicing is a modification of an RNA after transcription, in which introns are removed and exons are joined. This is needed for the typical eukaryotic messenger RNA before it can be used to produce a correct… …   Wikipedia

  • RNA world hypothesis — A comparison of RNA (left) with DNA (right), showing the helices and nucleobases each employs. The RNA world hypothesis proposes that life based on ribonucleic acid (RNA) pre dates the current world of life based on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA),… …   Wikipedia

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